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Submit IELTS Score Online | LIM and Parsons Application ep.5

by Diane 黛安
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Last Updated on 2021-09-09

If you find my page after looking up dozens of blogs online… I know how annoyed you feel now!

Let’s see how I submitted my IELTS score and undergraduate transcript online.

For people visiting the first time, these are the programs that I was admitted to.

Official Transcript

So what is an “official” transcript?

In short, any documents that you can see beforehand is an unofficial document. As long as there is a chance to tamper with it, it is not an official one.

1. Parsons of School Design

In the application process, you are asked to turn in an unofficial one. You should submit the official one after you receive the admission.

Applicants must upload an unofficial transcript, mark sheet, or academic record for each institution (even if you didn’t receive a degree) in the Academic History section of the online application.

Source: Parsons School of Design Official Website

2. LIM College

LIM College requires an official transcript during the application. You could refer to how your school help to send an official transcript. For example, my university, National Taiwan University, could directly send it to LIM College online.

However, a strange error popped up after I submitted my application!

What is “Transcript Evaluation/Translation”?!

I was so shocked. I sent an email to LIM immediately, and fortunately, the adviser of the admission office said he will help me with the problem.

I thought that I had had to apply for WES myself! I searched online and it seems to take over a month to deal with that.

I consider that the problem appeared because of my undergraduate identity.

Before graduation, the document will also stay unofficial.

This is the reply I received from the advisor:

In conclusion, regarding the official transcript of LIM College, don’t worry if you see the same error as mine! If you are graduated, remember to send an official transcript from your school.

English Proficiency Test

My heart skipped a beat because of this document.

Let me introduce my horror experience to you!

1. Parsons School of Design

You also need to submit an official English proficiency test result during the application. However, I thought that I only needed to submit an unofficial one, since there is a portal to submit an official one during the process…

After I submitted my application on 1/2, which is the last day of submission, I found an awaiting sign on my checklist!!!

Let me show you the frustrating scene.

An eye-catching X on the checklist

I was extremely anxious at that time!! Though it mentioned that “We will be extremely flexible with our deadlines”, I was still so worried that I would lose my opportunity because of being late. I searched all the pages online until 5 am.

To avoid having the same mistake as mine, let me show you how to submit your official English efficiency test score online!

The instructions below would be my process of applying for an official IELTS test result in Taiwan. Although it may differ from your country, I believe that there may still be something similar!

(1) Go to Extra Test Report Form, and press “extra test report”. On the next page, press “apply”.

(2) Fill up the blanks. At “send extra test report address”, there will be a pop-up window. In “Name of person/department”, type in “The New School” (The university that Parsons belongs to.)

(3) Follow the instructions step by step. I submitted my requirement at 9 am on Wednesday, and the electronic test score was sent at 2 pm.

You may be confused that why am I so anxious since I solved it in a day?

I met a ridiculous bug when applying for the electronic test result.

IELTS saved “The New School” as “New School The” at the beginning, so I can’t find it at the beginning, and even chose the fastest postage type to send my test result.

I finally found it two days later, after I tried to type “new” first in the blank. Fortunately, the bug is fixed now.

However, I sent my paper copy in the most express choice on 1/2, and The New School received it on 1/6.

2. LIM College

LIM College didn’t provide the online service then, so I emailed the advisor and asked about the address.

We couldn’t find LIM College on the list

The advisor was really kind, and he promised to help me with the test result. I didn’t need to spend money and send it myself.

This is the email he replied:

It showed that the IELTS score was awaiting on 1/14 when I submitted my application though. I sent the email and asked about the problem, the advisor said that I didn’t need to be worried. It turned to a green check few days later!

To Sum up…

I’ve written the articles for the preparation of application materials for such a long time, and I finally finished it!!

Next episode, I will talk about the interview for LIM College.

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